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Retractable Dog Lead

Black and Stylish Heavy Duty Dog Lead

TDOG was created to symbolize the heartfelt connection between dogs and their owners.


  • 360° tangle-free retractable leash extends up to 5 meters

  • ABS shell is durable and impact-resistant

  • Japanese-made stainless steel coil spring and retractable mechanism

  • Balanced weight and ergonomically designed handle for a secure grip

  • Pre-lock design for easy control of your dog's movements

  • Zinc alloy hook with strong tensile strength, capable of withstanding up to 5 times your dog's weight

  • Smooth and robust PA6 nylon tape material


These features make TDOG retractable dog lead a safe and reliable choice for dog owners who want to provide their furry friends with the freedom to move while keeping them secure and under control.


5m tape leash

Heavy-duty design for long-lasting use

Ergonomic anti-slip handle for safe and comfortable grip

Reliable brake system

Adjustable mechanism for tangle free control

Clear instructions for proper use / care / and maintenance to ensure long lifespan

  • TDOG LEAD – Heavy duty retractable dog lead extends up to 5m, suitable for dogs up to 25 kg, durable anti-tangle nylon leash allows free movement for your pet on long walks. It could also function as a puppy training lead or dog training lead at the early years.

  • COMFORTABLE -Ergonomic comfort with anti-slip handle. The thumb buttons give you full control over the course of walk.

  • SIMPLE - In standard position both buttons are up and the dog allowed to reel out. Press and hold the main button to pause the run, then gently push forward the flick button to lock. To unlock and let the dog "free" again move the flick backwards.

  • CONTROL - Retraction opening allows no friction being applied to the nylon leash on the grip side. The adjustable dog lead mechanism will allows you to be in control from any angle.

  • DURABLE - Tough and durable, the reel mechanism is strong and responsive. The case is not suitable for chewing and the tape cannot tolerate intense frictions from rough surfaces should the dog twisting it on trees or benches.7cm extra strong zinc alloy hook can bear 4 times of your pet's weight.

  • HEAVY DUTY- Upgraded 7cm extra strong zinc alloy hook clip, a heavy duty clip stronger than other leads have and it can bear 4 times of your pet's weight.

Easy to control

Dog lead free button position explained

Free Movement

Standard position - the tape is free to unleash and your dog can enjoy free movement.

Dog lead pause button position explained

Pause/Allow Free Movement

Pause/Allow Free Movement

Hold the handle of the lead and press the button anytime, you can suspend or allow the movement of your dog by just pressing the main button.

Dog lead lock button position explained

Keep Distance

Keep Distance

Hold the handle on the lead and press the button while pushing the lock key forward to maintain a fixed distance.

Dog lead unlock button position explained

Shorten the distance

Shorten The Distance

Hold the handle of the lead and swing the arm forward whilst pulling lock key backward and take back the arm then lock. Repeating the above can gradually shorten the distance between you and your dog.

Heavy Duty - Long lasting features

High tech materials

Due to the high tech materials and design TDOG leads are heavy duty dog lead product. Helps you to stay in control with reliable break system.

360° Swivel Hook

360° rotating extra secure weather resistant metal clip with strong spring attached.

Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle

The ergonomic grip and the optimal weight provides a convenient and comfortable grip to your security.

Safety Instructions

The lead is only for walking dogs by hand, never for any other purpose. Children are prohibited from using it.

To avoid injury never wind the tape around your arms your body or your dogs

Make sure the lead is not damaged before each use, stop using when it is damaged or worn

Make sure you always keep your dog under control to avoid any dangerous or difficult situations when walking your dog with the lead

The lead should only be used on dogs weighting as indicated on the package. Do not use for heavier dogs.

First Time Use

When using the lead for the first time, follow these steps:


  • Lock the lead on every instance of pulling and slowly let it roll back, ensuring there are no diagonal twists in the lead that may have occurred during manufacturing. Also, check for any inconsistencies in the tape's quality.

  • To ensure the retracting mechanism lasts longer, keep the inner side of the lead dry to prevent corrosion inside the shell containing steel coils. If the tape gets wet on rainy days, fully pull it out and let it dry overnight.

  • When walking near main roads, use the leash short and locked. Be aware of the pressure required to unlock the leash and don't panic if it accidentally unlocks. Press the main button to pause the brake system, which should still be working.

  • Additional safety instructions are included on the packaging. Read before using.


If you need further tips on how to use the leash safely see our blog posts like - Essentials on How to Use a Retractable Dog Lead

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