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Our Story

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Our Vision

Promote any high quality pet products on our blog that is helping the lives of dogs and their owners making it better and more enjoyable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer exceptional customer service while educating people on proper leash care to promote longevity and reduce waste caused by faulty leashes. By doing so, we strive to provide a sustainable leash source for pet owners everywhere.

The BeginNing

Our short-legged Jack Russel Terrier, called Teddy served as the inspiration for TDOG. We affectionately refer to Teddy as "The best boy ever" and wish he could stay with us for a lifetime.


He's our top dog, the one who pockets the most hugs and kisses each day, and he serves as the heartfelt connection that inspires our brand. Through TDOG, we hope to connect with dog owners who share our love and appreciation for these beloved members of our family. 

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